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Natural Family Health Care was established in 2001 and has serviced community members from the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, Inner West, Western Sydney, Blue Mountains (Lower and Upper) and the Greater Sydney Region.  One of Sydney's best naturopathic clinics Natural Family Health Care focuses on finding natural options for individuals and tailor makes treatments according to their needs.  


Natural medicine includes botanical medicine, nutrition, nutraceutical supplementation, diet  homoeopathic and lifestyle modification; Important consideration is placed in first identifying health benchmarks. Bringing any tests that you may have is ideal.


Functional Biochemical Screening may also be used to identify imbalances and deficiencies that will help to understand your presenting condition and discomforts.  This process is also useful to watch the progress and success that is made over time.

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Ointments are semi-solid, oil based preparations, they are used to hold the medicine in contact with affected skin. As they are oil based they are water resistant which provides a protective barrier while increasing hydration


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